Read La Biblia desenterrada by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman by La Biblia desenterrada: Una nueva visión arqueológica del antiguo Israel y de. La Biblia desenterrada: una nueva visión arqueológica del antiguo Israel y de XXI de España General, Band ) | Israel Finkelstein, Neil Asher Silberman. Buy La Biblia Desenterrada by Israel Finkelstein, Neil Silberman (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Año I: Israel y su mundo cuando nació Jesús.

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This book’s thesis is that the Old Testament, though shaped by true events and traditions, was constructed in its current form as a common bond and political instrument in support of the short-lived resurgence of the kingdom Judiah and the subsequent Yahedic society that appeared after its collapse in the 7th century b.

In this groundbreaking work that sets apart fact and legend, authors Finkelstein and Silberman use significant archeological discoveries to provide historical information about biblical Israel and its neighbors. This allows Finkelstein and Silberman to overturn many of Keller’s conclusions, and provide definitive answers to many of the core mysteries about the Old Testament.

Arqueología bíblica. Artículo de la Enciclopedia.

Quotes from The Bible Unearth I found the book both fascinating and a joy to read. Sep 23, Ross Blocher rated it it was amazing. Good king believer in one God and destroyer of idols and the country prospers; bad king worships other gods and allows others to do so and the land is invaded and suffers.

Instead, it was the northern kingdom of Israel that was succeeding in B. desenterrqda

Why was the Bible written? I am struggling with this book, bBut at the same time I am enjoying it as well. In this iconoclastic and provocative work, leading scholars Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman draw on recent archaeological research to present a dramatically revised portrait of ancient Israel and its neighbors.

As the authors note in closing: The final text has elements l Greek epic, Assyrian vassal contract, and Egyptian style. Finjelstein much of the old testament is a myth! Not only is this convenient so the reader does not have to manually search for them in a separate Bible; it is thoughtfully organized and surrounded by commentary.

In their beliefs, the Jewish people — Judahite and Israelite — differed from their Canaanite neighbors, though they shared similarities as well. Yet thanks to archaeology’s astonishing finds, we now know that most of these stories are myths. EnKenneth Kitchen, un prominente maximalista, autor del libro ” Fiabilidad del Antiguo Testamento ” [23]critica la obra de Finkelstein y Silberman.

The remainder of the book discusses how Judah worked hard on organizing their YHWH-centric religion to survive potential invasions as a way to remain united Finkelstein and Silberman convincingly make use of archaeological evidence and biblical scholarship to niblia the origins of the core of the Hebrew Bible.


The authors’ hypothesis of the Biblical account’s origins and motives is separate from this overwhelming amount of data fnikelstein to the Bible as largely historical fiction. En ese sentido el trabajo en este libro planteado me parece excelente. Basically it says that there is no archaeological evidence to support the Biblical story of the birth of the Jewish faith–which, of silgerman, knocks the pins out from under Christianity and Islam as well, since all three great world religions essentially look to the Old Testament and believe in the same God.

Despite the subject matter, however, the authors do not appear to have any particular axe to grind and would seem to be more interested in discussing what the current evidence tells us or, in many cases, merely suggests to us rather than trying to make it fit any particular pet theory about the history of the Levant. The authors of The Bible Desenterrqda successfully collate new findings and information that has been known for awhile to present clear and concise rethinking of The Old Silbedman at the time of kings and Biblical archaeology in general.

The challenge of understanding which finkslstein which, or when and why it was written is pretty well finkelstei with the helping hand of modern archaeology, but a damned nightmare without it. The authors themselves characterise the book as: Further on, if David ruled from Jerusalem, he did so from what amounted to little more than a hilltop village, later transformed in the minds of Judahite fijkelstein into the seat of a United Monarchy.

However, sjlberman does not believe the first 5 books of the Bible The Torah were written by Moses, but were written by a scribe in around the seventh century B.

Following it’s emergence, kings were deemed good or bad based on their vinkelstein of strict laws, particularly around a monotheistic, YWHE-est worship. These are not historical recordings of mid-Bronze Age wanders but of Iron Age Kings under the Assyrian yoke who were trying to forge a national identity through myths, tales, stories of various tribal peoples, and political propaganda, stamp out the local religions and create a theocratic state.

Neil Asher Silberman

These and other iconoclastic revelations weave together ‘Archaeology’s new desentedrada of ancient Israel and the origin of its sacred texts. Most were pagan worshippers because they were a tribe of the Canaanites that later separated themselves. Besides the physical data from extensive excavations in Palestine and it seems like there’s not a rock in the region that hasn’t been overturned the examine records from the neighboring countries, particularly Egypt and Assyria, to fit the Biblical stories into the history of the region.

Having dispensed with the fantastic legends of wandering wilderness hordes fleeing Egypt and lighting military campaigns through Canaan, the actual history of Israel unfolds very differently when looked at through the ruins.

Essentially, Judah needed to theologically justify its existence and offer an explanation to why Israel had failed.

Jan 30, A. Puede tener errores, pero para haber sido de memoria, creo que me quedo conforme con lo aprendido en el libro.


La Biblia desenterrada by Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman on Apple Books

Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University and Neil Asher Silberman of the Ename Center for Public Archaeology ls Heritage Presentation in Belgium take on this issue by comparing and contrasting the two side by side to find out why such Along with Shakespeare, the Bible is among the most read books in the world today.

There is no evidence of early enslavement in Egypt at the time it was supposed to happen, and no evidence of the conquest of Canaan by the Jews after Moses, And so on.

Despite this, most of the book passed in a blur of kings, dates, wars and disinterest. Now my nightstand looks very, err, ecclesiastical. FS argue that among the main motives of the Hebrew Bible was political, yet they make this conclusion only from what archaeology says.

A tremendous amount of archaeology has been done in Israel since Keller’s book was written s and last revised early s. But for arguments sake I will take his side to say that those who are minimalist say that Israel is a Maximalist.

Authors Finkelstein and Silberman examine the archeological evidence supporting, and the lack of archeological evidence to support, the Old Testament stories of the Patriarchs, the Exodus, the conquest of Canaan, the kingdom of David and Solomon, the kingdoms of Israel and Judah and their fall.

I picked this up because of my tour guides course and very much enjoyed reading this book. The Bible Unearthed Israel Finkelstein In this groundbreaking work that sets apart fact and legend, authors Finkelstein and Silberman use significant archeological discoveries to provide historical information about biblical Israel and its neighbors. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

La Biblia Desenterrada

Israel Finkelstein is a professor of archaeology at Tel Aviv University. Challenging the fundamentalist readings of the scriptures and marshaling the latest archaeological evidence to support its new vision of ancient Israel, The Bible Unearthed offers a fascinating and controversial perspective on when and why the Bible was written and why it possesses such great spiritual and emotional power today.

This is one of those books that sends you scrambling for the Internet and in this case, the Desenterradw to make additional connections and to discover numerous ah-ha moments.

Reading the Bible this way, it is easy to place various parts biboia the narrative within their historic context such as specific dress and dietary rules rather than having to see them as truths-for-all-time-and-all-people, as the literalists see them.