Shōgun by James Clavell Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa The Ninja by Eric Van Lustbader The Way of the Warrior by. Titles in the Series The Ninja The Miko White Ninja The Kaisho Floating City Second Skin The Death and Life of Nicholas Linnear The Oligarch’s Daughter. There is a ninja loose in New York City, and as the body count rises, it becomes clear that people close to Linnear —Los Angeles Times “Totally absorbing.

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As the events spiral closer in towards Linnear and his difficult relationship with the police investigator mutates into friendship, he is forced reluctantly to the realisation that lystbader conflict has come back to pursue him, and he must take up the sword again.

So yeah, 80s blockbuster novel. Everyone’s a cliche, at the best of times; at the worst, they’re just spewing words the author didn’t want to write as prose.

Nicholas Linnear Novels

When the book begins, Nicholas Linnear is about to quit his job and completely give up the life he had made for himself in this country. I was very high on Richard Gere to play Ericc he had the right look, and I liked his acting.

The Colonel and Cheong marry out of love love, and from this marriage comes young Nicholas.

Refresh and try again. The story is split into five ‘books,’ each of which is then divided between the past and present. What really intrigues me most about this novel is the examination of the differing efic towards culture, religion, gender and sex. Richterwhich followed the novel very closely. Really good, with excellent research about white Ninjas and Black Ninjas The other character I really enjoy in this novel is the police detective Lew Croaker.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Eric Van Lustbader was born and raised in Greenwich Village.

With all the author brought to the story in terms of rich detail, he failed to really involve me emotionally with the characters. This is not only why I don’t read it, it’s why I’m afraid to write. About Eric Van Lustbader. Well, you can’t re-read everything. With time and perspective and some nostalgiaI actually enjoy The Ninja now more than I did back in the day. A sprawling erotic thriller that swings from postwar Japan to present-day New York in a relentless saga of violence and terror elaborately designed for the most savage vengeance of all Early this year I made the decision that I would try to re-visit some older books that I’ve enjoyed in the past.

When he finally did let me read it I was blown away. I also found the steamy sex scenes rather long and drawn out and, for me, they did nothing to drive the plot along. This page was last edited on 4 Augustat By turns tranquil and explosive, this is the pinnacle of martial-arts fiction writing. It was only when he became a young man that he was drawn into the complexities of two very different cultures.

I might put this question to Lustbader via social media, and see if he answers Return to Book Page. I always believed that, until… Last year, copies started showing up for sale of a script draft for The Ninja dated January 24, They raced to beat it to the screen, like Deep Impact did to Armageddon or Tombstone did to Wyatt Earpand may have done it so well that the second bigger movie never came out as a result.


The story ends as a come-on for the second in the series. It is a fascinating novel with the action scenes full of detail of the martial arts technique and the damage caused. The author simply does not believe in “Staying in the Phone Booth with the Gorilla” as Robert Newton Peck Secrets of Successful Fiction once advised, probably believing that this creates suspense rather than irritation.

Nicholas Linnear is a master ninja, the son of a Chinese mother and British father. I re-read this one. I am not inexperienced in martial arts. But we, the readers, know way more about him than she does, because we’ve been privy to his swirling-ash-coffee thoughts, and they’ve spoken about words to each other. The Ninja novel was written in by Eric Van Lustbader and is a tale of revenge, love and murder.

Wait, here’s a word guy on Twitter. In the preceding example – lengthy, as in the original meaning of lent: Great details about the outdoors; especially the waves of the oceans and the manner in which the sunlight plays on them.

“THE NINJA” vs. “THE NINJA: The Movie” – Vintage Ninja

You’re not afraid because you’re you, she tells him. I look forward to following more of Nick’s storyline with the other characters who survived this first book of the series.

Mar 24, Tim Parker-Chambers rated it really liked it. The garbage trucks are traveling on their lentitudinous path? Nick’s mother was Japanese, and she saw the worst of the war when her husband was killed before her eyes. The writing is wordy, the action sparse.